In 1946 C.R. "Ross" Hamilton founded Hamilton Electric Works with the initial emphasis on rebuilding batteries, later adapting to our customers' need for electric motor sales and repair. Our shop has seen Austin grow over the years and is proud to still be family owned and operated by two of Ross's sons, Gary and Dale Hamilton. We employ a highly knowledgeable sales team and a fleet of meticulous technicians combining in over 250 years of experience.

The mission of Hamilton Electric Works is to be known as the leader and most trusted resource for electric motor, pump and control sales and repair in central Texas. We have continuously strived to provide excellent customer service and solutions to the expanding Austin metro area for nearly 70 years.

We acknowledge the dedication of all of our skilled employees, however, we would like to give special recognition to a select few. September 2014 marked our most steadfast team member's 65th year with Hamilton Electric Works. Starting at the age of 17, Dave Gutierrez has seen this company grow and expand into central Texas' most trusted source for electric motor, pump and control sales and repair. In addition to Dave's 65 years of experience we must take note of some of our other exceedingly loyal crew.

Hamilton Electric Works would not be the same without our knowledgeable and reliable technicians and sales staff. We thank each and every one for their service.